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My readings help you explore and understand your life’s purpose, why certain events transpired in your life, and actions you can take to place you on the path you are meant to take. Tarot is a conversational tool to assist you in looking within yourself and recognizing the bigger picture of your soul’s growth and the role you and the people in your life play. I reacquaint you with your true self and assist you in discovering the tools you already possess to find fulfillment and contentment in life. I am down-to-earth, welcoming, passionate, and empowering.

My fee is $1/min, and sessions are available in 15-minute increments. Typical sessions are 15/30/45/60 minutes in duration. If you are unsure how long of a session you may need, I am happy to consult with you prior to your reading in order to best meet your needs. 



$75/hr (1-hour sessions)

I quickly identify and target belief patterns and the inner parts of you that hold onto these negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking you from what you want and creating the conditions that you do not want. I shift these unhelpful and damaging patterns into new beliefs while healing those inner parts that have held onto these patterns for far too long. While realigning your intention and vibration using energy therapy into one of peace, love, and positive thinking, I help you reconnect to your greater power and facilitate the restoration of your freedom from the shackles of your negative thoughts and feelings. I teach you how to finally get what you want, whether it is making positive behavior changes, improving your relationships with others, achieving your goals, or simply just feeling better.

Coaching sessions combine law-of-attraction teaching, tarot, and energy therapy for a true holistic experience. 

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$60/hr (1-hour sessions)

As a Level II Reiki practitioner, I use the Usui method to channel Universal energy to shift your mind, body, soul into one of vibrational alignment. My Reiki sessions pinpoint energy blockages and use energy healing to restore balance. 

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Reach out to me to set up an appointment using the contact form or sending me an email directly. I am more than happy to discuss what service (s) may benefit you the most. Sessions are done via video chat or phone. In person sessions can be scheduled for those who live in the DC area.


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