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Hidden Strengths- Daily Tarot Reading for 7/9/2020

Today I wanted to look at hidden strengths. The beautiful thing about Tarot is that no card is necessarily inherently good or bad. Depending on the context of the question, position in a spread, and surrounding cards, each one has layers and layers of meanings. Knowing this, it still took me a moment to interpret our card of the day as our collective hidden strength. 

Welcome to your AHA moment for 7/9/2020 brought to you by the Devil himself!

Traditionally the Devil in Tarot represents the things that bind us in obsession. This could be overworking, fixations on wealth and beauty, hedonistic desires, and unhealthy attachments to objects or even people. When looking at the Devil as a hidden strength, we are asked to acknowledge the surrender of our power to the things of this world that we love with our primal, human nature. Moderation and piety are only one side of the coin. How do we know these aspects without experiencing and knowing the excess of pleasure and worldly pursuits? To give in to our desires and urges is to be human. To know when enough is enough and to take back our power is to embrace our expansion as spiritual beings. 

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