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Exploring Self-Forgiveness with Tarot- 7/8/2020 Daily Reading

Forgiveness- If you are religious most likely you learned about this concept beginning as a child, and if you are like me, often forgiveness feels like surrender, that the other party has somehow won. We know in our rational minds that this is not true, but the feelings of hurt and betrayal are strong. They can keep us trapped in that energy of seeking retribution. 

What is harder than forgiving someone else? Forgiving ourselves, of course. Once again it is the person that we want to forgive the least that needs it the most. Why are we so unkind to ourselves? Why do we not deserve the same forgiveness that we are urged to give to others? Today the message is that you must forgive yourself for those times that you feel as though you are struggling to maintain balance in your life, times when sometimes the simple tasks are overwhelming, when you don't know which way is up or down. It may be day-to-day tasks-laundry, dishes, etc. It may be trying to juggle your work/life balance. You may be feeling trapped by indecision or wobbling back and forth on an issue, and it is mentally exhausting you. All of this is okay. What would you advise a friend who is feeling this way?  You need to take time out to rest, even though it might feel like you are doing too much of nothing already and making no progress. You need a true rest. A rest from the struggle of the body and the mind. If you are thinking about it, you have not put it down. The tasks, concerns, and options are still working tirelessly on exhausting you. You are being cautioned to stop overdoing it and to find some type of moderation in balance in what you are wanting to accomplish. Continuing to struggle and living in the overwhelm will force you to rest- let it be on your own terms. 



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