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My philosophy: You are the master designer of your life experience.

Everything is energy. Our thoughts and feelings are energy, as well, and their energetic vibration attracts similar vibrations. Through this Law of Attraction, we set the stage for our experience in this physical reality.

Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. Since you were a child, certain thoughts, feelings, and beliefs were reinforced by your environment, creating the conditions that you experience now. Some of these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are in alignment with your true self and bring to you the people, things, and experiences you want. Some are not in alignment with who you really are and want to be. These are the old patterns that are not working for you and create feelings of being stuck, depressed, worried, and dissatisfied with aspects of your life. I believe that we each hold the power to create a new and better experience, and I can show you the way.   

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My modality: Energy Transformation Technique (ETT)

ETT is an immediate, positive, transformational shift around old negative thoughts and feelings. This energy healing process is designed to identify and transform negative thoughts and feelings into peace, mastery, and alignment of better states of being, while connecting within one great power. What you choose to call this power is up to you. For some it has a religious context. Some define this power as spirit, source energy, the universe, or their higher self. It does not matter what belief system you follow if you believe you have the power to make changes in your life.

I quickly identify and target belief patterns and the inner parts of you that hold onto these negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking you from what you want and creating the conditions that you do not want. I shift these unhelpful and damaging patterns into new beliefs while healing those inner parts that have held onto these patterns for far too long. While realigning your intention and vibration into one of peace, love, and positive thinking, I help you reconnect to your greater power and facilitate the restoration of your freedom from the shackles of negative thoughts and feelings. I teach you how to finally get what you want, whether it is making positive behavior changes, improving your relationships with others, achieving your goals, or simply just feeling better.

Each session focuses on transformation, healing, and empowerment. While the benefits are immediate, the recommended number of sessions will vary depending on the type of issue or goal you need help with, and the strength and history of your interfering thought patterns. Schedule a free consultation so that I may best provide you with how many sessions it may take to fully integrate these inner parts into the here and now.

About What I Do: About


Difference between my holistic life coaching and traditional life coaching-

Traditional coaching does not utilize energy therapy modalities. While life coaching on its own is helpful, combining coaching techniques with energy therapy and Law of Attraction mastery teaching quickly speeds up the transformation process while healing those inner parts that have been conditioned to repeat the same patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that are no longer working for you.

Difference between typical energy healing: 

Energy healing is potent and powerful in restoring balance to your mind, body, and soul energy. But it can be like continuing to see your chiropractor without changing your posture. You are only treating the symptom and not the problem. If you don’t change the thoughts and feelings, then you don’t change the energy. Energy therapy promotes integration and healing while realigning your vibration with source energy. It is up to you to maintain your alignment and vibration, and it begins with your thoughts. 

About What I Do: About
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